What is a Remnant carpet, and Should I Buy one?

Here at Hardy Carpets, we offer remnant carpets for those who are on a tight budget. We’re often asked if the carpets are faulty or if they are of a lower quality; the answer is simply, no.

All our remnant carpets are individually checked to ensure the level of quality we provide is maintained. So, what exactly makes them budget-friendly? Well, a remnant carpet is actually just the roll-end. The majority of carpets are made in large rolls that are around 30 linear metres in length. If a sale is not made that matches this size, the end of the roll is cleared and sold as remnants, in order to make room for new rolls.

At Hardy Carpets, we sell a large volume of carpets every single week. This means we have a huge variety of top-quality carpet cut offs available in our remnant section. We love giving our customers great deals and savings, and this allows us to do that more often.

If you’re looking for a carpet that you can take home on the same day, buying a remnant is the ideal option. You won’t need to waiting time involved, and the staff won’t need to cut your required size from a larger roll.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to give your home a flooring overhaul but have are counting the pennies, a remnant carpet is likely to be a great choice and deal. Our remnant carpets are offered with up to 50% off the original sale price. Why not pop in store and take a look at our ever-changing collection of carpet remnant displays? You just might find the perfect carpet for your home. We also have budget commercial floor tiles for office or commercial spaces!

For more information, why not visit us at any one of our Cornwall stores or visit our contact page.