What Commercial Flooring Works Best for my Business?

If you’re looking to purchase some new, commercial flooring for your business or workplace, there are a number of things you should consider. Your flooring should reflect your company and replicate a sense of professionalism.

Whilst most floorings could work in the workplace, you should choose a flooring based on your industry. If you work in an office, any flooring will work, whilst those in the food industry would benefit more from laminate or vinyl.


There are a few options for those who are interested in commercial carpet flooring. Modular carpet tiles are the best choice for workplaces as installation is easy and consumers are able to choose patterns and styles that fit their brand. They are also fitted to the floor with a vinyl backing, helping them to stay in place longer and making them harder to unravel; ideal for a workplace that experiences a lot of footfall.


Vinyl is a common commercial flooring choice. It is an extremely durable flooring that is waterproof and easy-to-clean, meaning it is ideal for use within a restaurant, workshop or elsewhere where spillages may be likely to occur. There have been recent developments in vinyl flooring which have meant they are even more durable and feature unique and stylish designs, meaning you won’t have to compromise style for durability!


Perhaps the most common flooring choice for commercial use, laminate flooring has the appearance and professionalism of real-wood whilst also being just as durable and easy to maintain as vinyl. Laminate flooring is a much more budget-friendly alternative to hardwood floors. Laminate flooring can have the appearance of different wood types including pine, oak, merbau and more with different shades available to suit your preference.

At Hardy Carpets, we offer a range of affordable commercial flooring whether you’re looking for carpet, tiles, vinyl or Moduleo. We can help handle your commercial project from start to finish and also offer a range of safety flooring for those on a budget.

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