Cleaning your Flooring: A Guide

The flooring in our home is prone to a whole host of wear and tear over the years, which makes keeping them clean a tough job. From carpeted bedrooms to vinyl laminated kitchens, all the flooring in our home needs regular, thorough cleaning to avoid a build-up of dirt. All diverse floorings will need slightly different cleaning techniques to keep them looking great for as long as possible.

Carpet Flooring

Dirt can easily become embedded into carpets that are less regularly cleaned. Vacuuming is essential, as dust and dirt can cause damage to the carpet fibres, which makes them break down quicker. Those with carpets should vacuum at least once a week, although this figure increases for those with pets.

Vacuuming will help to prolong your carpets life, though they will also benefit from deep cleaning. It’s ideal to give your carpet a deep clean around once a year to help get rid of dirt and dust that your vacuum can’t reach.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring should be swept regularly to help stop dust and hair build up from occurring- once a week at a minimum should be enough. Avoid vacuuming your laminate flooring with a beater bar vacuum as it can create deep scratches.

Deeper cleans are also beneficial for laminate flooring. You should avoid using a lot of water as it can seep through the joints in your laminate, making the flooring warp over time. You should wet a sponge mop and squeeze it out until damp. Then, sweep the mop over your laminate flooring to help wipe away any dirt and grime.


A regular cleaning routine can ensure Moduleo stays perfect for many years to come. Aggressive cleaning products should not be used on Moduleo flooring, nor should steam cleaners. Moduleo flooring already has a Protectonite PU finish, meaning the need for special cleaning treatment is unnecessary.

It’s important to know that whilst the hardwearing top coat of Moduleo flooring is scratch resistant, it isn’t scratch proof, so precautions should be taken.

If you’re in need of more help with cleaning your flooring, we can help. We’d be more than happy to offer advice and guidance on cleaning your new flooring both in store and via our contact page.